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Receiving error message: "0xc0000022, the application was unable to start", unable to run Norton and other programs. Tech Support

Receiving error message: "0xc0000022, the application was unable to start", unable to run Norton and other programs.

Original title: - 0xc0000022 - Unable to run application.

Hi there.
I have been unable to run Norton 360 on my computer since renewing my licence.
I contacted Norton Support and they attempted to access my computer through a remote connection, but whenever we attempted to run a support program, I had an application error message
pop up, saying that The application is unable to be started.
The Norton tech said it looked like a Windows problem - with the firewall, and to contact Windows.
I have received the error message seemingly sporadically when attempting to run other programs,
such as iTunes - sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.
Anyone able to help out? Thanks in advance!

Solutions to the Problem Receiving error message: "0xc0000022, the application was unable to start", unable to run Norton and other programs.

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Hi Sofie,
Which license did you renew?
Did you try to reinstall Norton and other programs recently?
What is the complete error message you are receiving?
This issue may happen if any system files are corrupted or missing or due to third party software conflicts also.
Let’s try the following steps and check if it helps.
Method 1:
You may try performing a SFC scan on the computer which would scan for corrupt system files on the computer and replace them.
Use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows Vista or on Windows 7
Method 2:
You may try performing a clean boot and check if it helps.
A clean boot helps to verify if any third party application services or startup item is causing this issue.
How to perform a clean boot to troubleshoot a problem in Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
Note: After you have finished the troubleshooting, try the steps provided in the section “How to reset the computer to start as usual after troubleshooting with clean boot” to
boot the system in normal start up.
Method 3:
Step 1:
You may also refer to the article and perform a full scan on your computer using Microsoft Safety Scanner.
Microsoft Safety Scanner
Note: Any data files that are infected may only be cleaned by deleting the file entirely, which means there is a potential for data loss.
Step 2:
After performing the scan, you may try to turn off Windows Firewall and check for the issue.
For further information, refer to the articles:
Turn Windows Firewall on or off
Allow a program to communicate through Windows Firewall
Note: You should not turn off a Firewall unless you have another firewall enabled.
Turning off a Firewall might make your computer (and your network, if you have
one) more vulnerable to damage from worms or hackers.
Make sure to turn on the Windows firewall after checking for the issue.
Hope the information helps.
Let us know if you need further assistance with Windows related issues.
We will be happy to help.

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